1 Shirt | 2 Socks | 1 Jock

Chronicles of nasty, rank gym clothes, and other pig filth...

When are you going to finish the sex tale about the scruff guy? You've left and hangin' and frustrated ;)

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It’s on my list to finish it! I already have a draft of it going… :)

How often do you shoot a load? What would you consider personal limits as far as your kinks?

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It just depends on the day. I cum at least once every day but on average it’s probably twice a day. I have had days where it’s five or six times. 

I wish I could cum forever. I love it. I want to organize a party at my place where all the guys just cum in the same cup or something so I can save it all. 

Fuck. So hot to think about.

Great blog mate

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Thanks a lot man. Glad you like it. Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see.